Morbad Card Printer

Card size mini or MAXI
(applies only to newly-added mini-format cards)
Card corners Rounded Square
(Applies globally to all staged cards.)
Border Bleed 3mm On Off
(Applies globally to all standard-size staged cards. Does not work with mini cards for $TechnicalReasons.)
Double-click a single card to remove it.
  • Summary: select cards to print, then tap the Prepare for Print button.
  • Expand/collapse the card-type-specific selection areas below using the little boxed on the top/left of each one.
  • Tap a → button BEFORE selecting any items to add all items from that list to the print queue. Card names starting with '$' are not queued with this option.
  • Or select multiple items (Ctrl-click or Shift-click), then Tap a → button to add those items to the print queue. Card names starting with '$' are queued with this option.
  • Note that adding many cards at once can take a moment for all cards to render (e.g. all Skill or Encounter cards).
  • Card names starting with '$' are example/template cards, not really intended for printing.
  • Any given card may be queued multiple times.

Loading and initializing... This can take a moment, especially when auto-staging many cards... (If this notification stays around too long, something has gone wrong.)