Morbad Tools for Dungeon Degenerates®

This page is the gateway to various game aids for use with the Dungeon Degenerates® family of games (hereafter referred to as "DD"). These utilities include editors for creating custom cards with the same overall style as those which come with the game.

Disclaimer: Dungeon Degenerates is a registered trademark of Goblinko. Goblinko is not associated with this site, its software, or its content, other than having provided explicit permission to reproduce certain copyrighted materials here. This site is created and maintained by fans, for fans, because fans are cool (haha!).


Example Cards

These sample cards are rendered on-the-fly by this toolkit. (Tap/click a Skill card to toggle its Skill and Mastery views.) Note that these are not images, but are rendered using only HTML and a collection of the game's SVG-format icons which the publisher made available for use by fans. Note, also, that the tiny fonts are far more legible on hi-res printouts than they are on the average LCD screen.

Printing Your Degenerate Cards

Note that the on-screen colors used by these apps were chosen not because they look great on the screen, but because the print out (on my printer) quite close to the originals. That said, printers do vary, and your results may differ slightly (for better or worse) from mine.

The instructions for printing your newly-created cards is the same for all of the apps linked to above. In short, they rely on modern browsers' ability to print web pages to PDF files. The card editors render the cards at either their "real" size (41x63mm) or twice that size (to make them more readable while editing). When printing, the user will need to be aware of which card size is currently being displayed (the visual difference is drastic, so there's really no mistaking the two).

Note that the generated cards are created from HTML and, except for the icons, are not images. That means that you will not find a "download image" option in your browser's context menu.

To print them, use your browser's Print to PDF feature, keeping in mind that:

For best results, slip printed-out cards into sleeves for added stability. Alternately (or in addition), print them out on cardstock (if possible) or sticker paper, and/or glue them to heaver stock after printing.

Next-level Stuff: Converting Cards to SVG!

It's possible to get your cards in SVG format! Both Firefox and Chrome, when printing these cards, "vectorize" them, rather than convert them to images. This means that the PDF can be processed by a tool like pdf2svg or dropped into Inkscape to extract the card in SVG format. When doing so in Inkscape (simply drop the PDF into an opened Inkscape window), make sure to select its "Poppler" import option (which is not the default), or the cards' font will be completely massacred. The Poppler option will convert all text into "paths". The result is a much larger file, but it retains 100% fidelity (or extremely close to it) with the original rendering from the web page, and can be scaled up or down to any size with no loss of quality.

For those with any scripting experience, the process of exporting "printed" PDFs to SVG or PNG can be automated, as demonstrated in this shell script (to see the latest version of that file, click the "file:[...]" link of the top-most entry on that page).

Licenses and Permissions

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Cookies, Private Data, and Whatnot

These tools use only a single cookie for that one user who logs in to the administrative page. i.e. only me. Certain editor features use either session storage or so-called local storage features of the browser for storing local preferences, cached data, and allowing multiple pages to communicate changes between themselves. Any such data is stored only on your computer and is never sent to the server unless required by the card-saving features of the various apps. Under no circumstances are non-anonymous information sent to the server unless, e.g., you enter your own name in a new card's "contributor" field and save that card.