Morbad Hirelings

This page is a demo and testing ground for a custom deck of Hirelings. This page can be printed out (to a printer or PDF), at 100% scale, to produce cards which are size-compatible with the game's large-format card (63.5x88mm). (Printouts do not include the header or this text!) Some card text may look too small to read on an average LCD screen, but they all should print out fairly legibly (use 600+ DPI for best results, but 300 DPI is adequate). Double-click individual cards to remove them from the page (to narrow down selection for printing). The numbers at the bottom of each card indicate the card's unique identifier and a version number. e.g. H-123-45 is card H-123 version 45. The version number is incremented for any significant changes (not necessarily for changes to font size or colors).

As of 2020-02-28, the Hireling deck is managed via the Encounter Card Editor and can be printed out via the Card Printer page.

Achtung: printing the cards in Chrome/Chromium from this page is known to mangle the layout for unknown reasons, at least with some versions. Use the Card Printer page instead!

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